SoaringStore Setup Deposit (with Printing)

$166.14 USD ($449.03 EC)

SoaringStores simplifies the transition from brick-and-mortar to online with our E-Commerce store setup. We handle the entire store configuration on our reliable hosting platform and provide comprehensive training.

This package includes our remote printing service which allows you to receive physical prints of orders taking place on your online store. The cost of the full setup is $789 XCD. Purchase this package to receive banking details for placing a deposit.



SoaringStores is your ultimate solution for seamlessly transitioning brick-and-mortar businesses into the online marketplace. Our E-Commerce store setup empowers store owners to effortlessly establish their online presence. When you choose SoaringStores, we handle the entire store configuration on our reliable hosting platform. What’s more, we provide comprehensive training, ensuring store owners can easily manage and update their product listings using a user-friendly Google Spreadsheet. Elevate your business to new heights with SoaringStores – simplifying E-Commerce for every entrepreneur.


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